Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research, Bengaluru

Subi George is an Associate Professor at the New Chemistry Unit of JNCASR, Bangalore, India. George is a Supramolecular Chemist and his current research interests focuses on Functional supramolecular polymers, living and non-equilibrium supramolecular polymerization. He is the recipient of Swaranjayanti Fellowship from DST (2017), Asian Photochemistry Association Young Scientist award (2015), NASI-SCOPUS Young Scientist Award in Chemistry (2015), CRSI Bronze Medal (2015) and MRSI Medal (2013). He is a member of Editorial Advisory Boards of Chemistry of Materials, Material Horizons and Cell Chem. Subi George was elected Fellow in 2019.


SESSION 2B: Inaugural lectures by Fellows /Associates

Rajiva Raman

Fuel-driven temporal supramolecular polymers View Presentation

Living supramolecular polymerization has emerged as a synthetic strategy to construct supramolecular assemblies with well-defined structure and dispersity. On the other hand, temporal control over dynamic materials is now being extended to the non-equilibrium regime. The synergy between structural and temporal control is important for the advent of supramolecular polymers to be employed as functional adaptive materials. To gain this symbiosis it is imperative that a common strategy is sought. The speaker is currently trying to develop and study a chemical-fuel controlled supramolecular system that not only follows living supramolecular aggregating regime but also can be regulated temporally through various molecular cues. This talk describes his efforts in understanding this very key concept of biological self-assembly, which has temporal control over supramolecular polymerization via a chemical fuel as he thinks this approach can singlehandedly cater to various existing challenges of supramolecular chemistry such as a living supramolecular polymerization, control over nucleation rate, transient materials and formation of supramolecular block hetero-structures.